Protect to land consolidation for Our Country's Economy.

Land consolidation and in-field development

Unmanned aerial vehicle and advanced computer system whit experienced staff

Photogrammetry and Local Map Production

Protect to projects for our country's economy

Ethical and Responsive

Ethical Values and Sensitive

In all our projects we are working on ethical values, sensitive to the needs of our citizens.


We carry out every phase of our projects systematically and regularly.

Timed and Planned

Within the given time we fulfill the country values ​​in a timely and planned manner.

We produce projects that divide agricultural land for various reasons, prevent economic productivity damage, support roads and irrigation channels, and make farming more productive.

It covers the production of terrestrial and area maps at different scales for project needs, using terrestrial or photogrammetric methods.

The first facility and cadastral renovation work done by General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre covers forest cadastre works.

We provide services to public institutions in land development activities by renewing and arranging all cadastral properties in accordance with the construction plan.

We prepare the land and railway transport projects in Turkey in accordance with the requirements for public institutions and organizations.